we create infographic for the future winners ! 

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multiple formats (graphic, html5, gif , video)

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Each Pixel is Important

Who We Are ?

Founder of Kinovasyon

Kivanc Kilic

Winfographic is one of the services of kinovasyon .  Our aim is to create added value to business by adding some innovation since May 2016 . Our main focuses are new media ( AR , VR , Aerail Visualization ) and data mining  .


In that time of period we try too many things and we have too many failures. We realize that most of the small – medium size business and startups  fails because of “not to reach enough potential customers by spending profitable amount of resource.”


Winfographic’s main aim is help businesses to solve this problem

winfographic formats !



HMTL5 Interactive Animations

Augmented Reality by cxocARd



winfographic can help your business following areas !



New Audience

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