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Twitter Users as of October 2019 - winfographic
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Twitter Users as of October 2019

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About This Project

Twitter is an internet website on which  users’ can send message  or share a post. On the social media network,  a tweet was defined as a post in which users could use maximum 140 characters. However this limit was raised to 280 characters in 2017.


People use Twitter for fun, to have knowledge or to communicate with others comminucation. The number of personal comments’ shared on this app, posts and users increase gradually. -nowadays even politicians share tweets to announce recent informations.


As Winfographic team, we made this winfographic about Twitter users. We can see how many users exist in different countries for October on Statista’s 2019 research. We see Brazil is ranked 7.th according to the results of research Brazil had 8.15 millions Twitter users on October 2019. Let’s also say the prominent name among the Brazil : Twitter accounts Show that  the famous football player in Brazil is Neymar Jr. Brazillian futbool player Neymar Jr. has currently 45,6 millions followers.

Number of users in Turkey is almost the same with Brazil. Turkey has 8.33 millions users according to this data. It has been stated that in Turkey the number of users has increased after 23th of October 2011 Van Earthquake and Gezi Parkı actions.

We observe that Sauidi Arabia has 10.09 millions Twitter users.

There is a similarity between United Kingdom and Russia like the  numbers of Twitter users between  Turkey and Brazil. United Kingdom has 13.70 million and Russia had 13.90 millions users according to the research.

Japan is one of the top countries in terms of number of users according the Statista’s research. We also see Japan has 35.65 millions users.

United States At The Top Of The List!

United States has 48.45 million Twitter users on October 2019 as you can see at the winfographic.

Twitter is the most wide spread and very popular app. Thus it is very possible to change these statistics. We will see changes all together.

So stay in follow for new winfographics.